My Relationship With Music

    Music is the most powerful of the arts. It’s existence and our relationship with it is an ode to the human experience.  My relationship with music began at an early age when my mom would sing around the house and in the car.  I remember listening to various artists from her collection of CDs. I would lay on the floor for hours listening out of an old Boom Box. There was an inexplicable emotional and physiological response that I got from this.  I became addicted to this feeling.

    Growing up in a lively protestant church, I was exposed to drums at an early age. I would stand in the pews just staring in awe at the drummer as he spilled out gospel chops over contemporary renditions of classic hymns.  I analyzed the patterns and broke them down in my head, and I began doing the same thing with songs on the radio. From here began the habit.  You know the one. The habit that all drummers and percussionists are notorious for:  BEATING. On anything and everything. What most people fail to understand, though, is the impornt role this plays in the development of a young drummer. 😉

  After years of begging my parents for a drumset, and driving them to insanity with my persistant beating on all the household objects, I finally got my first kit at age 12. I was obsessed, and I couldnt wait to get home every day to play. At school my mind was preoccupied with daydreams of playing drums in front of thousands of people.  I knew that I wanted to make music my career.  I began teaching myself by learning my favorite songs and experimenting with different patterns and voicings.  In my teenage ignorance, I hated the rigid structure that was involved in high school band.  I just wanted to play, and I didnt understand the importance of disciplined practice and development of proper technique. I wish I knew then just how important building those fundamental skills are. But, today, I have made up for that. I consistently push my self to be a better musician than I was yesterday.

    As I matured, so did my musicianship, and one day I felt the magic. Every true musician, at some point, has this devine moment where they get completely overtaken by the music they are playing. They’re grooving to a song they love, and then all of the sudden it completely overtakes their consiousious mind. They become one with the music and get completely lost in it. They arent even aware of what they’re playing at this point, and its as if some other force has complete control. This feeling is what I live for. It’s the closest thing I have ever had to a spiritual experience. In a gloomy world, it makes me feel alive. Through times of chaos it makes me feel at peace. This is what I live for.

This is my relationship with music.

Old Kit 2
My First Drumset
Old Kit Jam
Jammin Out at Age 14 Trying to Look Cool